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The accomplished historian of Norwich says of him, " He must
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that in the electric light the short-wave rays predominate,
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order and congestion of the kidneys caused by the cacodylatcs
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284. The mouthpiece, which should fit the width of the horse's mouth,
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Pains as from incarceration, as if the bowels were clenched
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an inflamed part is greatly augmented. For example, he irritated the paw
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of movable character. The absence of fluid also, on
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a few seconds. Sometimes the face was distorted. When consciousness
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a difference from a tabetic. He behaved in the night exactly like a one-eyed
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and also in the adjacent appareutl}" normal tissue. Bacteria are
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four times in one, thrice in ten, twice in three, and once in eight. Of the
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slight, it does not require special treatment. It is apt to occur at one
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Appel, Major Daniel M., surgeon, is relieved from further duty at
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of mortality of the town of Brooklyn, during a period of 46 years. The
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OS calcis were detached from the soft parts on the dorsum of the foot, and Chopart's joint
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hepatic derangements, especially of malarial origin, and
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cent with defective eyes, 13 percent mouth ly than we think, a sound good man. Den-
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his side, he must be placed upon his back, care being always
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operative interference, because the displacement was of long
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tive opinion upon the subject ; but to clinch the matter
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part of the sixteenth centuries accounts concerning syphilis
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edges are often surrounded by more recent crusts of favus. The
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that is not common to all mankind. Term forty years hence, the same ground of argu-
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Mitchell as incident to injury of nerves, and called by him causalgia. This
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diminishes or ceases after childhood ; and if it continue in a moderate or
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centration of Streptococcus hcemolyticus from human and bovine
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to two wounded men in No Man's Land should be painted. All three
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Commission to utilize the existing farm buildings for
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relief of the present paroxysm, and at the curing of the disease. When
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day to day, and, indeed, that the urine may sometimes be entirely free from
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departures from the normal form of the organ. In transposition of the
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not at all benefited. This, I think, may be explained by
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as in acute pleuritis. The contraction of the affected side which follows
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test is adapted to clinical purposes and recommends the fol-