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said he had no pain in the head, took some drink, and fell asleep again.
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seven of erysipelas. There had been but two deaths, both infants,
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Carbuts^cle. — Dr. James Paget recommends frequent change of air
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fainted before many ounces could be obtained ; we leeched his forehead
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burning thirst, and some time afterwards, epigastric tenderness, fever,
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HoMCEOPATHic Directory of the United States. — Since 1857,
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190 c.c; weight, 48.3 kilos; 24-hour rate of excretion. 1,800 c.c; appearance
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the pain would shoot upwards to the clavicles, producing tenderness of
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Case third. A few days after the operation just related, a babe
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In the present instance it was mixed with a faint tinge of jaundice, and
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Dr. Packard related a case as occurring in his own family in a boy
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to that class of tissues wliich possess an inferior degree of vitality;
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two months later : " I am independent of the medical fraternity ;
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with pleasure and profit. We hope he will give our readers some of his
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On July 31, a clamp was introduced, the blades of which were
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pearing. Instances of this kind are frequent, and in such it is not unusual
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ment, as far removed as ever from the establishment of a stable system