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This is the third case of complete cure which has come within,

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Academy, in order that the subject may be discussed by

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who have attended to the medicinal effects of mineral waters,

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the fissural vascular system of the fibroid; here they become

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cuts. The especial points to be noticed are the size of the

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2. Peruvian bark 6 oz., nitre 1 oz., camphor $ oz., honey

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Jiames only when crystallized ; otherwise they icere merely

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The patient had a very anxious look; the tongue was

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this number 17 were due to sunstroke, 89 to cholera

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of propagation of the process into the alveoli and of incipient phthisis

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observe that quinine (and the same is true of arsenic) does not, by con-

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remains stationary, at its highest and lowest degree, for

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Rerl. klin. Wchnschr.. 1891, xxviii, 785-788.— Sassetzky

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sia beyond the Caspian sea. He states the microbic origin of this

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from gaining a foothold among us, if accidentally in-

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also in children, among which, in general, the fibrinous pneumonia is

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ing the direct influence of quinine on oxidation. Barley added quinine to the

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plasmon, soson, etc., with from 75 to 90 per cent, of

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arrived at essentially the same conclusions, that jaundice associa-

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expiratory sound equal to about the fourth of that of the inspiratory ; but in


The author has never seen any benefit follow the use of oxygen

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for about eight to ten weeks, and one could not but believe that that

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(2) of the femoral portion, (3) of the synovial membrane and

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instructive facts in reporting on -' the employment of women in factories,"

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disease by each form of infection. It was found that in the

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from quarter-ill in Lower Austria among 1,011 protected animals. In

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an exact copy of the original German model, which I have used

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affected in either. The patient is a robust fellow, 5 \ feet

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form, lozenge-shaped, dome-shaped, heart-shaped, etc.,

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of the building, the charges may not be unfounded, as

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glass tube with a spherical bulb at one end ; the bulb is heated in

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remarkable history of the disease as recorded by him

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occurrence of malarial fevers is governed in a very marked manner by varia-

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of surgery. Atreya taught his pupils on the slopes of the Himalayas,

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called that in the arrangement of the continuous arc light

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Bacilli tuhercvlosis which were found in the wrist joint, and