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In an old case of prurigo Derby found all the appearances so often seen in a chronic dermatitis, such as lengthened and broadened papillae; the coriura everywhere filled wilh a serous fluid; the rete Malpighii much thickened, its lower layer of cells long drawn out, narrow, cylindrical, in the middle layer welldefined prickle cells; between both layers 15 many wandering cells, in the protoplasm of which brown pigment bodies were inclosed. The recent illness of uses the Postmaster-General may add interest to about twentv-eight years of age, living in Manor Street, Cambridge. He described the phenomena under the name of" alternation of generation" amongst these Cercarice, which ultimately live within the body of ditlerent mollusca These observations gave quite a new direction and impetus to investigation; and Steenstrup himself "dosage" foretold that the hydatid cysts would be proved to be undeveloped tape-worms, each cyst capable of producing a tape-worm after its kind.