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require maximum doses to control them. When paralysis is
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suggest means and methods for solving problems about which it is
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The terms dessertspoon and tablespoon are usually meant o
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ful epidemic of measles and mumps is reported to be
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heart and circumference of the great arteries at each
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strangulated hernia. The first of these is an organic stricture
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for example whether there is radiation toward the shoulder
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death rate in persons from fifteen to forty five years was. per
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In these eight patients with uncomplicated endamebic
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are they all uniform therefore the physician should sat
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membrane than that in the pharynx or larynx indeed
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oifio natuie by tirging the efficacy oi the iodid of pot
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July. Dr. Swan reported that the anticipated return of the
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and twenty miles northing. If the comparison was carried to
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fine body in which alkaloids are not soluble. In place
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hastily summoned to the bedside of the patient. He fo ind her
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Frohner and Kitt s Monatshefte fUr praktische Thierheilkunde.
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that about three years ago a young man a mere strip
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by a normally long chronic course Birch Hirschfeld.
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fourth day when suppuration sets in. The temperature which may reach
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knot on end and let it cut its way through very ainful.
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la grippe. This combination will often arrest a commencing pneumonia or
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able by a fine of not less than five hundred dollars
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Etiology. This is a disease of adult life. No predis
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Hospital he was attending surgeon from to and consult
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directly related to my Board of Trustees but also those
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thrown out of line often becomes a source of constant pain and
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and at farthest in the third week after the attack the disease
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become any easier on this account. The effect of the consolida
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have succeeded in obtaining an essential oil named Apiol
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limbs headache and pain of the eye balls which are suffused and
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should be preceded and followed by friction and he evidently
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in the winter. But the root grows not at all in winter as
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consuming. In our examination we have followed the plan recom
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Pathology. The nature of the infection as indeed the nature
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and frequently show a distinct punctiform rash. The fever of the stage
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gists that I considered this association the body best quali
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ments that putrid fluids prevent coagulation of the blood and that the
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means of an ordinary pipette that has been disinfected.
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blending of these wide observation and extensive literary
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Dysphagia indicates growth of tumor posteriorly and