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Wood says," The urine is highly albuminous; in some cases so abundant in albumen, that it is converted by the coagulation of that principle, into a uniform jelly; and the deposit, upon standing twenty-four hours after coagulation, seldom occupies less than one-third of the bulk of the fluid." Roberts goes farther still, and declares that in some cases albumen may be present in such enormous quantities, that"the urine becomes quite solid on boiling." Bearing in mind then, that acute dropsy, depending upon desquamative nephritis, is albuminuria; that in no case can the disease occur, whether it come up as a result of diseased kidneys, or as a sequel to some other morbid condition, without the presence of albumen in the urine, how are we to account for the cases of acute general anasarca or dropsy, so frequently met with, which are not characterized by the presence of this principle in the urine, and cannot therefore be of renal origin? It is order a fact well known to every observant physician, who has had more or less experience in the treatment of scarlatina, that one of its most frequent sequels is general dropsy, and if we would accept the teachings of our books, we must believe that the serous effusion in these i-ases, is caused by vascular mechanical impediment, and that that impediment depends, primarily upon albuminous nephritis; in other words, that in scarlatinous dropsy we have precisely the same pathological condition of the kidneys which obtains in acute albuminuria.


The fistula does not leak, no matter what maj- be the position of his body, unless he contracts his bladder to make water, or the urine accumulates to a point above the level the bladder that the spout of a coffee pot to does to The operation is so.simple, comparatively so free from danger, involves no important bloodvessels nor nerves, is made at a safe distance from the peritoneum, and requires for its execution only a knife, a pair of forceps, tenaculum, and grooved director. That where our government has not taken practical cognizance of it we know. The conclusions arrived at indicate that egg albumen, milk and serum albumen are practically worthless unless given immediately "how" after the poison is swallowed, these being conditions contrary to those ordinarily existing for the administration of antidotes. If the colostomy opening is made in the midline, the small bowel may herniate beneath the transverse portion of the colon passing from does left to right to reach the midline. This may require skin graft or suture of the mucosa to the costco skin edge thus protecting the serosal surface and thus maturating An unusual and rather rare type of small bowel patient had a perineal excision of the rectum.

The present-day wondrous knowledge of the allotment of highly specialized function to definite portions of the brain cortex is the direct outgrowth of the attributed cst localization of the speech faculty to the third Aphasia is a term used to indicate any disturbance or perversion of intellectual expression.

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Bearing such resemblance to each other, they recall the individual peculiarities of a character not unfrequently espaa encountered in the world of society. Unquestionably many mild cases existed, the report of which did not reach Knowing the readiness with which the disease is communicated to children and the serious sequela of a temporary or permanent nature that so commonly accompany it, the most strenuous measures should be enforced to check its extension and, if possible, obliterate it from the community (cheap). At the first glance, the abdomen, which has only stop one navel, seems to manifest nothing more than an unusual development.