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lesions are indexed and cross-indexed, so that the lantern slides and
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taken to a hospital where a diagnosis of active pul-
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and Ned F was taken sick, Elizabeth D, aged 6, the only daughter of
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be counteracted by the tetany which soon becomes manifest. Acid
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Sixth District; Councilor, R. W. Kennedy, Marshall. Coun-
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the wall of the arch of the aorta. The stem of the pulmonary artery was
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The arrangement of the apparatus within the incubator is illustrated
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presented the appearance of having been painted and whitewashed in the remote past ;
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tation of American pork products unless they had been microscopically
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although the child may continue to increase in wei<rht because of the
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6. Smnbera, F.: Casop. L6k desk. V. Praze, 1889, XXVIII, 899.
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merce. When any imported meat or meat-food product which has not been mixed with
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3. The right of the farmer to ship in interstate or foreign commerce the carcasses of
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or by both said punishments, in the discretion of the court. (26 Stat., 414.)
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ticle on medical statistics, points out the errors in
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this single specimen represent two and sometimes three separate ones.
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com, oats, and wheat, fed singly and in combination with each other,
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years. Died, February 9, 1915, 11.30 a. m. Autopsy, February 10, 1916,
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days after the injection disclosed open ulcers at each point of inoculation. The
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Entered as Second-Class Matter, February 18, 1925, at the Post Office at Fulton, Mo., under the Act of March 3, 1879. Accept-
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periods of from 16 to 24 days, in contrast to a 1 to 2 days' period for
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Scientific Work — Raymond O. Muether, St. Louis, Chairman
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tions of Thrombophlebitis and Phlebothrombosis, N. England
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each, together with the contingent expenses of such inspectors and where they have been
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SiTSn M "fS? Sil*S«°** Territory, the carcasses or products^ of wElcrarl to b? trSS^or^i^"
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meat of tuberculous animals in the Kingdoms of Prussia, Bavaria, Saxony, the Grand
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specific for relief of acute attacks, especially when
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Ih,' s,.-.-all.'.l inseiisihl.' p.Tspiral i.ui. Winn th,' lii'at loss l.y this ehanii.'l
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Conrad, Chillicothe (1950); Grayson Carroll, St. Louis (1949).
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plasm grew from these structures. Two observers, however, were able
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was reduced more to a system, and it is recorded that the city health
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side by side. This backwoodsman's expedient has now been replaced by the use of
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i-lini.-al aii.l patholoui.-al .-MM-ri-'ii.-.-. I'.ro.-a. it will h.' r.-iii.liil»-f.',l. ■■on
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weighing tank; K^ separator; Z, cream vat; M, table.
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Fig. 3. Tubercle bacilli from original culture Sputum C.
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The thyroid is definitely enlarged^ weighing 60 gm. The lobes are equal
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complement fixation test for endemic typhus in a titer
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monia, Folin; acid excretion, Henderson and Adler; hydrogen-ion con-
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numerous hemorrhagic areas. All the adjoining glands or this region were enlarged and