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eases, in the three classes of posts adopted in reference to the northern
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the patient had taken li dr. of potassium iodide daily for three weeks,
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have no religion at all. Sucking children are reported not to be exempt
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was a philosopher of another kidney, Rene Descartes, who did more
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Be patient with the canned goods. Re- what do you have your mattress stuffed
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assistance in the forming stage of \ iolent diseases ; it is to a neglect of this pre-
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in every State. The writer found a short time ago by
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tion of puberty, the puerperal state, or the climacteric change.
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Fig. 38. 77 days. Diffuse infiltration with superficial necrosis and exfolia-
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to several substances in common use, rather than to one special
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story of the good Providence of God, 268 pages, with illustra-
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from the sixteenth to the twentieth year; of youth,
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ducing point, the effect of opium on the cerebral centres being a
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and flabby ; and then gradaally the firm part became relaxed, while the relaxed
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Dr. Knowslcy Sibley's case of iymphadenoma with glandular and
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glandular tissue; in eighteen cases this condition was noted, in
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tion, I yield the floor to the competent and obliging Fellows
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diphtheritic exudation ; the very frequent spraying
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Dr. Marshall, assistant to the Downing Professor of Medicine at
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the loss of vascular tone and diminished blood pressure. The varioiis
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explaining physiologic processes, as on the essentially important bearing
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nated. It is generally admitted to-day that the transmission of
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ter is only accessible at low water in the river. Conven-
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rope and a shackle around the pastern are all that are
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in Dr. W. H. Crago's case,^ where localised fluctuation was, for
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It is a great mistake to keep the canary starving and
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Misce. Signa. A tablespoonful every two or three hours
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are dry heat, boiling water, steam, corrosive sublimate, phenol,
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in the position of the bones can be readily understood if one grasps the fact that
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any great distance from the water. It seems that in the choice of its
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units; the first nuclear medicine unit, Dr. Lawrence
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3. Headache due to a refractive error and asthenopia are of
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ovariotomy and other operations on the female genital tract.
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best. The effects of both these drugs, however, want careful
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the wrist and borders of the forearms are the points most frequently
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herself she was ill only a week before she came to hospital.
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browns, and Dutch belts on the whole give results of the most satis-
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the 23d the dressings were again adjusted, and her hand was painted with
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from any part of the farm by a team, in order to treat