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mann, and the double waves in the apex and venous tracings, which

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Automobile — Executive Bodily Injury 15/30,000.00

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the proprietors of establishments, who shall furnish competent assistants to apply the

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ico; A. L. Hensen, Appleton City; George W. Newman, Cass-

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tions. For sheep and goats athwartship alleyways not less than 18 inches wide in the

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Zoology, Bulletin 39, comprising the K and L authors, have been

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tension of carl(oii dioxide in tlic alveolar air to liccoine diiiiiiiislicd. Si

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thanks to the Council of the Missouri State Medical

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common form of malformation of the esophagus, and the history and

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Bobby B's symptoms started up again on the third day,

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from disease or from injuries that made the flesh unfit to eat. The

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132. Sutton (Bland) : Soci6t6 de pathologic de Londres. (Hoff-

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bers, and occasionally beaded rods were to be found. (See PL XVII,

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in the various areas of the large bowel can be pre-

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l„„lies or a uiannlar mass ot material iHa> app.ar in them, in either

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abdominal pain and weight loss six weeks before hos-

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tice to constitute the teaching faculty, and there must

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ties: Franklin, Jefferson, Lincoln, St. Charles, St. Louis County.

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5 per cent of lard stearin, in order that the lard may not easily melt

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or Thoroughbred. By a heavy breed is meant one of the draft breeds,

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being etherized; the artery exposed and punctured by a sterile glass

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Mirk, \V, ,1.: Am. .Icmi. I'li.\siii|., I'.iH, xx\iii, ."..Vi .".ilo.

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sent at the sender's risk, but postage stamps, foreign money, and

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ment was minimal, Bistrimate therapy was substituted.

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Duplication of Stomach, Am. J. Surg. 51:525, September, 1942.

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and the peculiar fissure between the esophagus and the trachea point to

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teen. A total of eighty-six establishments were in-

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in vogue in many foreign abattoirs, where the Inspector examines the animal while it

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184. ♦Eppstbin: In Kleb's "Handbuch der path. Anatomie."

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Among my notes on rabies is the record of a large foxhound, a

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pute from the fuel values as given in Table 6 the corresponding main-

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ure of 80 per cent. This is understandable when one

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present station and find a new location. It is hoped that a location

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This paper is a statement of conclusions drawn from the study of

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Roast Beef or Roast Mutton, — May be used provided a description of the method of.

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505 West 6th St. Box 154 111 South Martin 317 South Ellis

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too large to be accounted for by migration alone. Growth here must

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