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tirely relieved by taking a good meal. The headache perhaps

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the rectum to produce an action, or the usual time at which

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burgh; Breslau 0.(k) per cent.; Berlin 1.33 per cent. Concerning its patho-

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friends to be getting more out of health. His appetite failed,

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surgical affections. That we have not done so, in the fullest meaning

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it as very much thickened; constrictions have been reported in South

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was given bits of ice to eat through the day, and enemata

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the Royal Society that Professor Huxley may allow himself to

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already his urine contains a notable quantity of albumen :

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be dimiiished. If we are required to follow the honest decisions of our judgment,

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indicates the cure of the disease. The same thing may be said

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frequency of cardiac complications, and this last in spite of the often

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is not true, as we find that in infections of the gall-bladder it is

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ity after first being dusted with iodoform. The borie

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the punction, which I prefer to incision, you should choose a trocar of medium

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flow, and the presence of food in the stomach causes gastric juice to be secreted.

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time, both in people with low reserve heart force but

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the operation ; no post-mortem was made, and the cause

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the four walls except the patients, their beds, tables, and chairs ; tlie water-

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mistaken the volume for the running number, notwith-

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dilatation may be regarded as the natural sequences of chronic interstitial

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of these disappointments, we must not be discouraged, and as long as the

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be accepted. At all events, their eases would be considered, as

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Therapeutics have been 'gone into, .and yet we are where we began.

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worse." Nausea, pain in back and loins, little or no appetite, chills im-

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concavity of the sacrum beneath the peritoneum (Post-mortem 954,

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occurs in two forms. In one the case goes on in the usual way until

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it is Lux, the despised homoeopath. "Fides communis, altare

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president; Dr. Wadsworth Warren, treasurer, and Dr. Louis