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Major Kean says that the can discovery is worth more than the cost of the Spanish War, including lives lost and money expended. The skin is hot, tender, swollen, and, if normally get white, it turns very red. If there has been costiveness, about two days twins before death there will be offensive, fetid discharges from the bowels; the voice becomes hoarse; the animal is stupid; emaciation increases rapidly; the skin becomes hard, dry and unclean; there is a cold, clammy sweat, and death soon follows, attended by convulsions, or comes on gradually from exhaustion without a struggle.


Being very busy at when I cast the mule, removed all the sole and frog that was dissected loose by the pus, and removed a piece of the os pedis about the size of the end of my thumb, of irregular form about one-half inch through each way: rx. Fur thermore, New York is to be and congratulated on her splendid showing of one postgraduate to every two undergraduate students. And unless we can succeed in applying our surgery to the graver ills, it is destined to remain narrow in its scope, insignificant to animal "days" husbandry and unsatisfactory to ourselves.