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found wanting in fidelity to the very precept upon which his work

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practice of their profession ; but no longer put ourselves in hostility with the hundred

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such conditions some one part may be, and usually is, strained more

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for fine hand-made work. I give special attention to a variety of styles for medical men. I have a

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The Hungarians of East Side New York are endeavoring to raise

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next morning. The degrees were conferred by Charles D. Barney, presi-

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growth in the breast should be looked upon with grave suspicion.

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Tremont Temple, on the afternoon of Wednesday, December 13. The regular

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Discipline Committee. Having gone over these different skits that have appeared in the

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lost control of rectal and bladder functions, gave evidence of auditory, visual

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American Journal of Homoeopathy upon the "Authentication of the Hom-

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pressed by hemorrhages, clots, tumors, fractures, and abcesses

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us. The inscription on the marble slab to Sir Christopher Wren,

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ascribed. No internal douches had been given. For four days

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reflex, auto-intoxication and induced intoxication. To this as a

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fusion. The separation and tilting of the fragments is partly pro-

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Dr. Douglas — This clause is creating a good deal of discussion, and there seems to be

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unwieldy than with nine members, as at present ; and you will be then able to place the

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method of treating the subject of clinical medicine is so at variance to the

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dorsal scoliosis. The spines and articulating edges of the ilia were

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relaxation of the arteries lower the compensatory blood tension

in rheumatoid arthritis sulfasalazine reduces the rate of appearance of

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already been heard time after time. The best refutation of such a

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nizing and making use of the results of any experience, and we

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by Kemp to a recent number of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.

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Dr. Bray moved, seconded by Dr. Moorhouse, that the first order of business for the

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asking them we can obtain the changes that have occurred. It could be done very easily.

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dressing room, and accessories. On the third floor there is one private

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That is not correct for their own time. What Dr. Armour should have said was that

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have resigned ourselves to the field of probabilities, while in the

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Dr. Richard Haehl, the well-known Hahnemann historian, recently

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