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the basis of all the calculations of insurance compani(>s.
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to the amount of it present in the circulating fluids.
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examination of the patient, the differentiation of organic and
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•commencement of the disease we find great exhaustion and prostration,
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In order that the ratings may be just to all, the volume of air
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time, has worked at the elucidation of this Mylne, Sir Roderick Murchison, and at
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tration of the given hypnotic. The question whether alcohol should be
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of metastatic origin. We have to wait for further experiments
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is produced by the direct action of a poison, inde-
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chir. de Par., 1890, n. s., xvi, 132. . Resection or-
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ditions are no more universal, or all combined in one
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vascular depression is the danger, you increase that
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All data received prior to March 15th, 1859, will receive the attention of
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wars has given more than any other profession, and in this war will
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pared from the homologous organism, was tested in four steadily
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treatment by surgical means. In one part of the work he
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man. Fluids for cattle, same dose as for horses; solids
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but they do not affect one side more than the other, and, according to
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is increased and the body attempts to establish a condition of nitrogenous
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and there neutralizes the morbid poison ; but whatever the theory may be, Dr.
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especially upon the clavicles, tibife, or bones of the skull, particularly when
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the roof of the mouth, which, on breaking down, may involve the floor of
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(58) Leffmann, Dietetic and Hyg. Gaz., 1898, 14, 171-173. *
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or granular infiltration, followed sometimes by rapid excavatirn of the
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fore us belongs. — Jl. of Nerv. and Ment. Lis., Apr.,'77.
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would be likely to stop up drains, etc., whilst the cheapness and bac-
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But as the book is very often used by beginners in medical
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proceed from unemic poisoning ; they are, therefore
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he had entirely relieved after ari operation had failed to do so.
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at the greatest depth a little pus was found, a portion of the
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Treatment. Cancer being at first in all, throughout in some, a purely
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disease succumbed, art triumphed, and my little patient left
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disembodied spirits — if the board allows these to shirk en-
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bulbar paralysis must be admitted ; but hitherto the recorded cases of
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The Whiteside Bruce Bursary was awarded to Robert Boyd Edmund.
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never was known to have the disease afterwards, and others dreaded the
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part of the medical attendant she did pull through, but she would have
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the surface of the more solid portions of food, In ordinary cases
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tion in the cells of memory. At the same time he wishes that Nuck
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gradually increased in size, and was then employed for empty-
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but anticipated pleuro-pneumonia ; expectoration suffi-
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interesting address on Management and Prognaaia of Syphilis.
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The causes of lymphangiectasis appear to be generally some otn