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different epidemics is from twenty to seventy per cent. In
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many sources. Much of the concern has little basis in fact, but
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give a good account of the subject from a scientific stand-point.
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indicates -, -= 2p = 78.5. The factor given by Text-fig. 6 is 1.41.
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(b) Deep reflexes. — The first stage of alteration of these is invariably
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and remultiplies until the development is sufficient to contaminate the
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afforded by the fact that they are at all times more pronounced in Avomen
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agnosticate at the beginning than tubercular meningitis.
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Diagnosis. — The diagnosis is very difficult, if we remember all the
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cal features in each case, but it must be remembered
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of incubation. It is shorter if there are many bites, and if the
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gas poisoning has occurred. There were 1,231 deaths caused by il-
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it would not be safe to say that any wound caused by the
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Heat-exhaustion brought on by exposure to the sun is called sunstroke,
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the summertime the atmosphere of those luxuriously- furnished apart-
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virus may not be manifested until later. 2. Beriberi in
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combined experience of observers in various countries,
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sume that the seed was planted about twenty-four hours
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hemorrhage could in any instance occur as would prove fatal to a child. The
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second and third generations, and have had no influence upon the
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Although both mother and child, in this case, possess a real exist-
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piece was found on the posterior surface close to the pylorus. It
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and night ; also the tartrate of iron and potash, ten grains three times a day.
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to effect with simple means the end desired in such cases. —
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February 1. On this date I left the division. Under date of Feb. 24 it
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conceded the great value of bacteriological research in
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frauds. The question might be asked here, How is to be expected that
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Atthill directed attention to the benefit which frequently results from syringing
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the appetite is usually strong, sometimes ravenous, and such conditions