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benefit the patient, the curative principle being apparently destroyed by heating.

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be encouraged to drink it, even should a large portion of it be rejected by the

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The method referred to is that usually known as Buck's, and is

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most feasible. Many patients will get into the tub and take a hot bath of a

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harmful microbes may, too, pass through the alimentary canal

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nating the pain, but by altering the patient’s reaction— enabling him

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stomach by expression. When, however, lactic acid as a

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gonorrheal infections. When you cut out these two you have very

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i.e., masses of proliferating leucocytes. In the medulla of

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conversion of some of the lead present on the body into a sulphide. Locally

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we have other evidences of the nature of the infection in fever, — fidiing

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questions in each of the several branches of sanitary science be

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ciently reduced is safe and reliable, and it should be given whenever

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by choreic movements, first described by our Mitchell and subsequent-

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varying dilutions of the patient's serum or of the antigen employed.

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times greyish red or bright red, and almost indistinguishable from the choroid.

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15. — Williams reports a case of intercostal neuralgia, for

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simply feeble. The scapulae are not winged ; there is a slight dorsal spinal

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tervening cushion of air will acts as a non-conductor, «&c. The floor will be

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increases the gravity of the prognosis; venesection is a

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grow on subculture. There were usually two or three colonies trans-

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septal operations are constructed with a view to prevent-

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In very rare cases the obturator nerve is also affected with neural-

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ten days. Desquamation of the epidermis is often seen.

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of the oily). This invitation I willingly accepted, as Ur. Alsina

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The air is then introduced at the other end of the tube and mea-

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tabulation of the results. Unfortunately, there was a very wide spread

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with it inability to understand their meaning when they are heard or seen.

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An entrance fee of £1 is required from each candidate admitted, and is

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incapable of performing basic tasks. All too often the

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100,000, at my latest information) are sent to school

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s;..nli-. in the au„..hne at' I iS C. t..r one In.ur. Tin- medium l^ an en-

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Jneral thickening, was almost obliterated. The small mtestin s w

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for example; defect or excess of internal secretions — may tell upon the

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Errata. — Dr. H. J. Garrigues writes: — "Will you

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statement is to be received with much allowance. March 11th. — No worse;

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The results obtained with coffee indicate that individual susceptibility

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fourth days. Normal function was present within three or four days in

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to bulge outward. The white, mother-of-pearl-like ring around

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