What Is Phenytoin Sodium Used To Treat

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plored regions of organic chemistry ; but, difficult as it may be, we
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The tumor is painful, and undergoes a process of slow suppuration.
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and retina, evinced by discoloration of the iris, or misty vision
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heat must be derived from protein and fat, and since the nitrogen out-
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India, rode several miles from the Curragh Camp one night, in
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discharges of any kind. 1 advised her to continue the
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an intussnsoeption has developed. Intussusception is the result of
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posteriorly. It first occurred to us to inquire if it could be a case
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both apices without softening, but in which tubercle bacilli can
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aid of sufferers the powerful remedies we hold in our hands.
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He died of pyaemia. At the back of the spine the injury was a
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and kept from the air. When fresh it has a heavy, disagreeable
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tion of source not now being that under discussion, but
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to the above measures, that Von Rue founds his unusual success
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The chest is somewhat fuller on the left than on the right side.
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obtained when the forearm was fully extended and pronated. A long posterior
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medical profession. Neither the mechanical nor chemical theories had ever
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the uterus, irrigation was not the indicated treatment,
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Carlton avenue, Brooklyn, he went weekly to Newport and Provi-
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sometimes adopted, of endeavouring to force the faices out of
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Etymology. — The word ' beri-beri ' is said to be derived from the
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volatile, crystallisable, soluble in hot water and hot alcohol, from
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of the astragalus with the grurrounding bones. It is now a fibrocar-
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prophylaxis and do not suffer attack, thus leaving the mildly affected indi-
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its weight. The retrogression occurring in the spleen consists of a
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of the bone was not clearly outlined, and that there was a rounded
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Medical Electricitt, embracing Electro-Phtsiologt and
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have been obtained in the field of prophylaxis. The continual and
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carotid and middle meningeal) ; Nervus perforans Casserii
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no intestine is caught, and the omentum is drawn down, and the abdomen
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pains in the abdomen, diarrhea, and discharge of pus from the rectum, from which she
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The size of the radial artery is proportionate to the size of the blood-stream,
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on national legislation of the American Medical Asso-
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Art. VI. Dealers in milk are forbidden to use porce-
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thousand times a day. There is a true passion of accu-
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