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such disturbance of the centring of the microscope as will produce an appa-
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Ye served your brothers ; ye have served your Lord."
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admitted with undoubted typhus. In each instance the diagnosis was
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Fig. 157. Part of caecum (blind prut), a, ilio-cfecal opening, b, b, 6,
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nominata, by Ligature of the Eight Common Carotid Artery,"
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organized body with a sort of physician-in-chief at its head.
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dye. If the flow through the tube ceases, the patient should be
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Thus are connected the eye, ear, tongue, fauces, larynx, inspiratory
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Only those are mentioned here which are applicable to
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methylacetanilid. It is a non-odorous and tasteless rose-red
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mentioned. These pains were relieved by bleeding. They
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den diminution of blood pressure may lead to such a re-
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short sketch will suffice to indicate the scope of his work and
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softening of alveolar wall and contents; ulcerative destruc-
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their fortunes, Aberdeen doctors in town and county approach-
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itis arising does not spread out of the pelvis. Dr. A. L.
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employed, and sometimes it did not entirely disappear
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In conclusion, I think it may be said that the disease prevailed
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that we have, up to the present time, no direct jDroof that uric acid is
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developed before a mirror, rational correction is obtained which is
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liver oil are occasionally useful. The disease, however, is very apt to
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