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dian Quaker, who, earning ii2,ooo a year in the fulness of

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lines of health and sanity. It is unnecessary to discuss the value of

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suffering from puerperal fever, the Staphylococcus pyogenes aureus, the

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suppose the disease to be due to defective nutrition of the nerve elements,

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when the vessel is at 20° C. Corrections are included for the buoyant effects of air on the water and the

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tor, and hurried away delighted with the success of his pre-

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cause a stab of pain in the hyperaesthetic spots of the spine.

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cystitis followed. In extreme distension the catheter may be necessary ;

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sexual excitation, of which the woman is usually much ashamed ; or there

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enough to the head. A second lock of hair, cut closer,

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alcohol, renders the outlook more grave ; and the case may end in stupor,

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too, evidence of implication of the motor neurons of the medulla oblongata

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— that is, of the highest cortical centres ; it may be due to alteration of

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upwards over the margin of the orbit, but not strictly along the supra-

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up in water, and placed under the microscope, a number of minute

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dermia, on which the small acuminate papules arise, and which leaves

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the scars are healed. Under such circumstances the pain is stabbing,

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Occasionally the parasite Demodex follieulorwm is found in the duct of

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1851, No. 128 ; 1852, No. 41 ; 1854, No. 87 ; 1856. Epidemics : 87. Bernhardt.

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ampulliform dilatation of the hair follicles in A. areata — "l'utricule

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special value ; for girls, sewing and work in the house, kitchen or laundry,

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(Elsenberg) ; and local injections of corrosive sublimate solution (Doutre-

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"he fought a duel, and was considered to be of a most

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but not isolation ; on the contrary, companionship and amusement are to

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Dr. Mead, as to declare nothing was omitted for her preser-

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