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Therefore when this disease is suspected have the mother to

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9, 1909), gives a contribution to the study of the hemolytic power

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Hyoscyamus is indicated by the same symptoms as have been stated

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directed the pharmaceutical treatment of the sick; and,

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ergot or Bonjean^s ergotin. It is usually administered

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Hospital establishment, services, and supplies, an estimate for

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3,500, while among 756 wethers 50 were affected, and in 194

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which are arrested in the small vessels, and numerous hemorrhagic infarctions are

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tion, begins the disintegration of the cells. The destruction

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up of reported cases contain, as is well known, an undue

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belief, that neither the brain nor spinal marrow bestows any power on the heart or ves-

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32. Puerperal Eclampsia: Its Etiology and Treatment.

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dent through which he has passed. Nutrition is sometimes greatly impaired,

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