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benches, chutes, trucks, etc., of all meats from carcasses that have not been microscopic-
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A field that has not been attempted is color photography. The
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portions of carcasses which are badly bruised or affected with tuberculosis, actinomycosis,
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supervision of slaughter at abattoirs was authorized in 1882. Pre-
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index of reports on its use for intravenous anesthesia
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or from eating food lacking in these bone-forming substances, or a
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fibers than in cardiac fibers. This observation was confirmed and
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in 1866, cited 13 cases and described a fourteenth. Ballantyne (1904)
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a period ranging form thirteen to sixty-eight days,
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Rev. Rehkopf: All Merciful God and Heavenly Father,
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and horse raising in the South, article by George M. Rommel 247-261
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mortality, as applied to surgery of the large bowel.
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