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pollen counts and head symptoms (sore throat, runny


Hemorrhoids. — Case 1549. — ^Mrs. Y., twenty-six years of age,

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Erb {Berliner klinische Wochenschrift, 1904, iii, 64) concurs from

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He then begins to form delusions, often quite well systematized. They

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nishes 136 calories. I gave one case nearly five ounces daily, thus

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which was not likely, the chances were a hundred to one

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reputation give the distinctest a priori denial, with

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screw clamp as to allow time for expansion of anastomotic pathways, no

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Warnings: Antibiotics used to treat gonorrhea may mask

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cocaine on the inner surface of the lower lid. Fifteen

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Dr. L. B. McBrayer; For the Moore County Medical Society, whose

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of Deputies several senatorial districts at the same time. We

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the human system ; it is so modified as to have become a milder ma-

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ria of ulcerating tissue on the neuromuscular mechanism of the periph-

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one who has -o taken hi- sensations, emotions and 'u

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In acute hydrocephalus intemus the fluid effused into the ventricle

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are the bacilli agglutinated but that some of them are

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for this purpose is less common than formerly. Chloral is occasionally

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and that by stimulating the nervous system they made

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chir. de Toulouse, 1886, xviii, 169; 177. Also: Gaz. hebd.

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most, by the accessory as well as principal inspiratory muscles.

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schr., 1896, no. 9.54, 1-8.— IVelson (J. O.) Filaria sanguinis

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The most interesting portion of Dr. Bonnet's review is the fifth chapter, in

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case described by Dr. Sanders, in the ' Edinburgh Med. Journal,' for May, 1866,

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These peculiar appearances are due largely to the movements of the

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clavicle, cavernous re.opiration. Moist rales over both fronts,

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sis. Dr. Kiefer has stressed the importance of the phy-

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parturition. This transformation commences from the fourth to the si.xth day,

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no local examination was made till about the middle of May, when

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marked remission, followed by a further rise coincident with the develop-

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is detected at the point where the abscess is seated.

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profuse, greenish, purulent discharge, and severe pain

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to the trigone vesicale ; a large abscess existed between it and

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In cases of fracture of the spine and resulting paraplegia, the