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phuric, hydrochloric, and nitric acids ; (2) caustic alkalis, such as potash ;
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bleeding, and frequently to better purpofe, without
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the first stage of their lives is passed. Occasionally, though rarely, she
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persons he euphemistically calls " Venetians." Certain peculiarities in the
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fear of inflammation is over, it will be advifeable to
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member of the .Medical Reserve Corps should for a moment con-
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7th — Is the pain increased by the taking of food?
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tion of dried sputum from the subjects of pulmonary tuberculosis. It is
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in the living organism, and therefore take no part in the pathology of gout.
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have seen no real benefit, nor can I see how it could be expected.
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relapsing perityphlitis are a cystic condition and a chronic catarrh. Less
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restore the appetite. Bracing air often works wonders in restoring the
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test is only decisive when to the naked eye it is obvious the urine con-
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6. — (1) Xo person (rther than a legally qualified medical
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*' a fpoonful of muflard for a greater flimulus. Even
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kidneys to be tuberculous, and the bladder to escape ; but sometimes the
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tively with the fallacies imderlying this mode of stating the case,
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surgical treatment, but sometimes a typical pylephlebitis results with the
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that, by the calm it gives, it helps to reft ore a more
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lymph is fo faturated with it, as to appear of a differ-
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than normal, and are often emphysematous. Here and there are patches
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rest, is probably the most valuable means of treatment at our disposal.
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which demands so much care in accuracy of diagnosis. Is it due to
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who ping cough. It is fair, to say that many enthusiastic reports have
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rate partitions, that fo each horfe may be fecured in
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Lethargy, in a horfe, defcribed, and how to be treated, 1,21.
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abundance of crystals of sodium biurate, takes place. The swelling in the
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advice as to the clinics and lectures which should be taken and to confer
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of his senses, that of hearing, intact. Diarrhoea, phthisis, bronchitis, or
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facial, and pharyngeal muscles; absence of fever in the established
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microencapsulation of diclofenac methods and limitations
varre produce alfo fine wools. Our imports of wool from Spain
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symptoms ; and, second, the probable seat of the lesion or lesions. As
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a short course in the more modern methods of urine and blood
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W. Lash Miller was elected Chairman of the Section of Chemistry, while Pro-
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there was intestinal tuberculosis, but only one of these was primary. Out
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when dressing the carcase of an animal affected with splenic fever. It
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alimentary canal, to the surface of which it sometimes attaches itself by
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though less readily, in the living and unstained animal. One of these
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"But couldn't something goo.l iKijipcii. mother^ Couldn't