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possibility of it in mind. As a rule the error is in mistaking miliary tuber'
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be signs of larpigeal lesions, the mouth should be frequently cleaned, the
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Diagnosis. — This is likely to present difficulty only early in the attack,
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appreciate the difficulty of treating the general subject in the
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has reached maturity, some protection is probably given, but unless the
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which are for the protection of the community; (2) especial measures in
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from a serious illness as restored to the condition in which the
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resistance of the cell. The lesions produced by toxins have been very well
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urine may contain albumin and occasionally a few hyaline casts; in severe
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demics," and to him, and later to Celsus, we owe our first acquaintance with
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washed sputum, as was shown in 8 of these cases for a period of two and
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which involves exertion. There may be some difficulty in the use of the bed-
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liquid diet. Milk, soups, and broths, may be allowed and peptonized if
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opinion has been that a doubtful case had best be left to some
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The Pneumococcus in Non-pulmonary Lesions. — In the complications of
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of a preceding attack of acute rheumatism more often than would seem likely
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that a bacteriological examination is of great use, because almost invariably
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heat, to be efficacious, must be applied at a temperature of
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two to three weeks for it to reach its height and an equal period for its decline.
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occasionally 107° F. Its onset is not constant. In the first days a gradual
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further, that there is absolutely nothing which can be termed specific in
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not favorable to bacterial growth; and the ease with which hyperaemia
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Definite resistant bodies (spores) have not yet been found, but the cholera
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in 35 per cent, of 160 cases examined by him after breakfast;
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fever. If every state had a stafF of men who could be sent to an infected
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again introduced into more than 100 German localities but was extinguished
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and much more certain and satisfactory results obtained.
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name of typhoidette. The cases may be divided into two classes, the first
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to satisfy any losses which may occur. But the ambitions of
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tality decreases after two years of age, and is comparatively slight after
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The influence of occupation upon the frequency of pneumonia is shown
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causal agent of scarlet fever These secondary processes are, in the order of
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had said to her. When an attempt was made to examine the abdomen she
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us to exclude the presence of pleural effusion but its absence permits of no
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it is perhaps most frequently confounded are typhoid fever, acute miliary
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there is continual interchange of cooled and heated blood,
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Proschaska, on the other hand, found the organism in all of 50 cases and in
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