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the respiratory organs by the act of sneezing. Both to the Scbneiderian
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this ; but they remove the thirst which arises from too great
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patient, by giving the stomach a greater bulk to act upon.
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The lumpB should always be translucent when held up to the light ;,j
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cine (tub ed., vol i. p, 949), it is unnecessary to do more here than to
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withered pantaloon, to beauty and vigour, and in other cases
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ibadde, this requirej* the ctKoperation of the patient, it can readily be per-
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ing their leisure hours, instead of the ale-house ; — and much
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Sugar, Honey, dried Figs, Raisins, Plums, Dates, &c.
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quently witnessed, in the Pennsylvania Hospital, among patients brought
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Vanilla aromaiica and probably other species of the same genus, climb>
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menses, the bathing of the extremities frequently in hot water
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Occasionally by boiling the milk, and removing the pellicle
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comprising approximately thiiiy illustrated anatomy texts, was on riew at the David
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same caution should be observed, as in their internal use. not too haBtily
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the body. The forms in which medicines are introduced into the stomach
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lated from the tissues of cold exposed mice with the anticipated
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would scarcely fall short of the whole therapeutic catalogue. Depend-
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removed from 2° C to 21° C, The situation could be analogous to that
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1. As a mere tonic, iron is much and very advantageously used in
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Besides the diseases mentioned, sulphate of copper has been recom* I