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and Spink.^ In my own experiences, the distance the probe was
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adopted here, after Pasteur, is necessary as expressive of the true rela-
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ings of the hip, knee, and other joints, and in disease of the bones of the
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rium, gives a disposition to natural sleep, lessens the frequency but
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be used, water is potired in sufficient to cover them. Sir J. Y. Simpson
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to vednee tbe pbenoiBeita within anr general rales, ther qnite ehide our
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Origin. This acid, according to Dr. Pereira, was known to Geber in
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been prepared with at least twelve times the quantity of morphia di-
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contribute to the sustenance of that fluid in its requisite state and quan-
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nent by contact and chemical reaction has feeble tension, but larg^
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may require ; and, in some degree also, in consequence of the relative
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an evolution of caloric by this change of state.""' Within the
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cause the remainder of the food to be thrown off in the form of urea,
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though all bitters may not seem to be tonic, this may be owing, not to
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dial, useful in cases of feeble digestion and general debility. The dose is
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contained in them in their ripe state, giving place to more
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stony roads, is often highly useful in the cases to wlneh attention WAtJ
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In cotvmrncnig ophihalmia, alum sometimes arrests the disease; but
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has long been known as a domestic remedy, and hfisheen much used by
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ties which arc the special objeet of study. Thus, in reference to medi-
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is our opinion that more data must be gathered concerning other
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most acids: by potassa, soda, and their carbonates ; by lime-water and
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ories of Freud revolve around it ; it is the leading
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this is merely hypothesis or conjecture ; and must be placed upon the
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preliminary experiments were designed to select the strain most
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hue upon the surface, and particularly in the face^ is often conspicuous.
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onerant, suffugium hyemi et receplaculum frugibus, quia rigorum fri-
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of Ihe urea (Jin. Joum. of Med. SeL, April, 1858, p. J12<)); and the snine resujl, ikM ^
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sitill more to ihe st^dative influence of the cold upon the vital forces of
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becomes harder, more compact, and much less easy of di-
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It bas been recommended to emploj the oil extarnally, by friction,
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pared with cold water, by which the starch ts left behind, and then
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Ogeton, there were only two who exhibited any evidence of tuberculous
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rapidly a highly complex structure from ill-seasoned
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the medicine was ineffectual ? He that would act thus, would be thought
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and sixteen grains of linen cloth wrapped round the bulb re-
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and of facilitating the exhibition of the niedii-ine in minute doses; but
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gently stimulating the organic functions through the circulation; and
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all civilized countries, and has led not only to the