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EDTTORTAT. NOTE.—Dnctnr Crnlhers has given us in this inferesfing article a report of actual surrjical

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the blood, passes from one of the jugular veins into the opposite, is fVom twenty to

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All of this is exceedingly interesting and full of suggestiveness as to

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ounces of camphor mixture, tliree grains of tartar emetic, and one

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The natives who make up the colony are particularly fond of

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spermatic valves are described, although the plates of the venous system are

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ized communities — more than of any other of the so-called

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lations were made at leisure. The glycerolated or phenolized speci-

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ing, after which the temperature was 104c, and pulse 1200.

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week. At the end of that time the cast was removed, but the

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4. Turck : The early diagnosis of carcinoma of the stomach,

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anterior, the lateral, and sometimes the posterior portion. It is not, as a rule,

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quantity may be very small, it may inhibit the growth of

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precipitated and collected on a weighed asbestos filter, washed with water and with

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concha suprema is given. Into the infundibulum the antrum of

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cites these cases as an additional evidence of the safety

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cloudiness of the epithelial elements and desquamation

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The patient is the son of a clerg)man, and is about

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du genou. Cong. fran9. de chir. Proc.-verb. I etc. 1,

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though rarely, they are found as accidental parasites in the nose or intes-

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ing the air-dry substance at 100° in vacuo over sulfuric acid.

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tempt to place the child on its feet, the outer border

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four degrees north of the equator, and dated October 17, 1 863,

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lobe and was compressed by it. The nerve was carefully

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disease in the body. This case proves that death may occur from this poison

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and arms was beyond description. After August, 1835, he began to lose

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size (Potain), which probably depends upon the contraction of the hepatic

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lies some distance — one-eighth to half an inch — ^behind

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ambition, at least so far as it might relate to the acquisition

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our fellow-countrymen, are carefully watched and encouraged by

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follows. Individual attacks last from thirty seconds to

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£ack science can decide on such matters only as are withm

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It is thus seen that the contact between the B children, with the exception of

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1952. Blake, Paul O., 273 N. Lansdowne Ave., Lansdowne, Pa.

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in great distress, Pare - was sent for. lb- introduced a catheter and re-

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unanimous in its opinion that many of the infectious diseases

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2-5th — Mother and child doing well. No albumen in water.

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" How far," asks Mr. Catlin, " should dental conserva-

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broad and lilieral construction of the rights and >

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great difficulties with which they have had to contend, we