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wind from the south. In February and March, only four deaths

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proper method of treatment is, not to push the emetic, but to en-

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by weight of chloroform in nineteen parts by volume

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memory, and the higher cerebral functions are rarely, if at all, impaired.

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methemoglobin and to discover whether this function of Strepto-

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3. Nusbaum, J., and Oxner, M., Fortgesetzte Studien iiber die Regeneration

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Localized spasm and paralysis, differential diagno-

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the phrase has it — were injected into another or-

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spinal meninges may disappear between death and the time of a post-mortem,

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thirty-five ; while cysticerci are rarely found before forty. Aneurisms oc-

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on the non-contagionist side ; leaving the arguments of the gentle-

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elaborately dealt with the diet of old age, diet of brain workers,

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])atients are constantly irritable and excessively emotional. As a rule their

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placed in a genu-pectoral position, the shoulders thus

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At 1.00 a.m. we injected 2 cc. of the blood of the patient into the peritoneal

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on both salvarsan- and neosalvarsan-serum mixtures.

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traction was lacking, epidermization became more rapid and com-

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morning of the 8th there was a lignt shower. On the 9th there was


less, went on regularly; an increased secretion of mucus occurred

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of maximum rate of growth seem to have sustained an injury, it is

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succeeded in seizing and bringing away a disc of tin of about an

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sound sleep at night tend to produce a cure. Sea bathing is highly rec-

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Mann, Frank C. A further study of the gastric ulcers following

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of the College to the Legislature is by memorial or petition, and

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duced. If the individual in whom these tumors are found removes from

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Secondly. The proportion of those which had been vaccinated,

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Dr. Jousset thought that the reappearance of urine by that

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carotid 11 minutes after the injection showed the first fibrin forma-

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tioning fore- and hind legs and were killed in formalin on the 41st day. The last

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plish very little for this class of sufferers except to give temporary relief.

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Protection Tests. — Rabbits that have been immunized with ty-

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ministered.' The hydrate of chloral is to be used for any nervous derange-

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sols of the cerebral lobes. gestion of the base of the brain and

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which has many parallel roads, is safer than if urged into a single

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laws based on scientific principles, for the protection of

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