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tinctive feature. Angina is literally a strangulation. The intention
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and found it normal. Other observations have recently been made
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were 48 per cent., small lymphocytes 42 per cent., large lymphocytes 8 per cent.,
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has been used for washing substrates contains materials capable of
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a/squired stenosis is almost never found alone; the lesion nearly
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Lord's 8 work is of special interest. In 1902 he found influenza
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A total of twenty-nine intraspinal treatments were given, the first
trental 600 mg a rilascio modificato
Pellagrin 179 : R. L. R., boy, was born June 10, 1910. The initial erythema
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escaped notice the physician finds that the skin over the tibia pits
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under a strong auricle, be preceded by a slight presystolic note, the
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ventricle of the heart arose simultaneously with the vascular change
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dissociation of auricle and ventricle, some of which were closely asso-
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were greater than the highest conceivable concentration that could be
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more demonstrative of the hue descriptive powers of the writer than
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clusive. The baby's mother, Pellagrin 450, showed her first definite erythema
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volved. The lesions may become so extensive in other valves as to
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prone to make its appearance after exposure at night ; that quitting
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ventricle is so great as to overshadow the left. The right ventricle
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Only one experiment was made with the 1 to 100,000 solution, but as this action
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the coronary artery with a thrombus which almost blocked the lumen
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tion is seen on post-mortem examination to spring from the wall of
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enlargement is recognized by dulness under and to the right of the
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the vessel, making a grayish tumor projecting from the vessel which
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progressive isolation of the sino-auricular node from the surrounding
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fat, over-indulgence at the table, ingestion of alcohol, especially beer,
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the rhythmical undulation as a "clause des art&res."
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12. Little : Beriberi Caused by Fine White Flour, Jour. Am. Med. Assn., 1912,
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TABLE 9. — Death Rate from Pellagra During the Year of Initial Attack
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three types of Auguste Comte — the man of thought, the man of feel-
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accompany the disease (Surgeon-Major Oliver's method). (2.) The
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Calomel is always a good purgative in heart disease. It has also a
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mann described two cases in which the gravest possible attacks,
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atheromatous change is precipitated by alcohol, syphilis, saturnism,
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theocin may produce a moderate degree of diuresis (expressed roughly
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was furnished by Czermak, who was able to arrest his own heart for
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and some improvement in the symptoms following one intraspinal
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number of experiments with this drug, in 1 to 1,000 and 1 to 500 solu-
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twenty-four, Xew York six, Louisiana five, Iowa two, Maryland, Indi-
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stasis are among its constant features, strongly point to this conclusion.
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mitral regurgitation; in three there was cirrhosis of the liver with
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had had lightning pains in his legs and difficulty in starting his urine. For
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But relief of this kind is rare. As a rule the condition persists,
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exercise, but later shows itself even in states of perfect tranquillity,
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Wales, up to its central ridge or back-bone, is another large group of
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ous percentage is not given off. After the anaesthesia has been com-