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difficult to separate clinically, and the lack of a strict case

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occurred in my own experience about two years since.

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The action of the heart is weak, and towards the latter period of the

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Chronic Pulmonary Disease. — James Alexander Miller

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Perhaps the strangest evasion of right medical fees is the prevalent

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reasons why their views give such little satisfaction to the modern scientific

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vesicle) attains its full development on the fifth or sixth day, and imme-

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liable to contract the disease upon slight exposure.

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syringing increased the discomfort in the patient's head,

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The shock which is transmitted to this articulation in

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the lower animals, from which it is clear that it is a

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Pever, or Inflammation of the Peritoneum, the measures recom-

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biliary colic, the pain is referred more to the right side

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been taking the iodide of potassium, gr. x three times a day, for about three

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nerve in the lumbar region was found. The treatment was con-

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Thus it is shown that the end of a nerve -fibre which receives a phenom-

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consider me capable than that whole cities full of people should rise

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S. Christopher, a member of the Board of Education, urges

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having been used by even Hippocrates himself. The Ara-

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public vaccinators. But the memorial was not favour-

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ing to persons who justly dread the knife, produces no shock,

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age of ninety-four. He was a member of the Nicollet County Medical Society,

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periphery of the acinus) and the subhepatic gland (the center of the acinus). The

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tially a surgical, rather than a medical affection, and the

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of the first metacarpal is extreme abduction, and this is maintained

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clean, antiseptic dressing, such as cloths wet with Listorine laid

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siderable pericardial effusion; in one, sudden death from syncope or

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it of primary importance that they should be removed. I

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where the former occurred, it must be through the placenta

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Nellen, James W, 6287 Parkview Road, Greendale 53129

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showed characteristic tubercular structure, giant cells

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Food is a depressant, because it remedies tlie morbid irrita-

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The micrococcus melitensis gives a definite serum reaction (Wright).

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summer, and to make some suggestions respecting tlieir treatment. But

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centesis ; if we wait for these we convert into a paliative what at

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of the old-fashioned hay-cutters, he brought the knife