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bones, (that is, the natural formof the joint,) and we may sup-
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failed, except cantharides. Blisters were applied repeatedly,
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of difficulties and hardships, whose last word at night is an angry
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to that time. In the old cases results after years of
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cannot be determined by the thermometer^ just so long is far too
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;;••"-'- "''->.'U-mp„-a,. d.p.„-,u,v ,„„u .Ik. luK- i„ ,„.K.,- r„ ,ca.,ve
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sions; chronic splenitis and perisplenitis; atrophied
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the lymph-spaces, it would find no barrier to its continued
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and vomiting. For about five years d}'spnea on exertion has been
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of lymph under the wide range of pathological conditions associated
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in others these appearances have been absent, the spasm and
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Lecturer on Mental Diseases in the University of Edinburgh.
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arouse the better part of creation to a sense of their dreadful physical
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There may be tenderness, but this is not common ; {h,) Intestinal
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parents would not send their children to school until they wer^ ^Ig^^
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LIST of Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Treasurers, Secretaries,
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however, of muscular action in relation to this question, and
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Chairman Coiiiinittc-i: on Ri-organization^ Sew York
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not gain much ground till towards the middle of the 18th century, and did
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is, it is true, the result of pressure on them, or on the vessels nourish-
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tubules and are composed of epithelial cells, and when they are
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pions of the expectant plan, reports 280 cases out of 304
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a few hours later. Autopsy confirmed the presence of duodenal
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first flush of a fancied new discovery have had to be
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Thus, from the extreme limits of Hessler, 800 B.C.,
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the attempt of the kidneys to excrete the bacilli in the
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not "hieroglyphs no priest can read," and that vital phenomena result not
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produces much discussion when advising cardiac patients
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what diminished color index results. Many of the recorded figures,
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signs and symptoms forbade the supposition that the lesion was aortic,
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high external temperature, and the ingestion of alcoholic drinks.
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whitish yellow masses, varying in size from a millet-seed to that of a small pea, of
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is a total loss of knowledge of oar actual relations to the external world,
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D. W. Yandell, M. D., Prof, of the Science and Art of
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