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sharpness and become blunted or more rounded than in health. The
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and, when recovering from a fit, they have a mechanical way of moving
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peritoneal and pleuritic tuberculosis " which have come
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By direction of the Secretary of War, the following named
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the sheds seemed rather to have improved their health. The
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deep sense of gratitude he owes toward the medical profession
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For the last five years I've advocated and insisted upon early operation in every
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cilage of Acacia, one ounce ; water, four ounces, mix and take
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led to a different conclusion, I trust that you will state the
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ing March she went to Atlantic City in a deplorable condi-
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the Association. It was the size of a large-sized orange, con-
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Greenwood, S. E., Fletcher. Tenn. Med. Coll., 1902 1903 1904
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the endometrium, however, after two or three months,
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out of the water and treated with chlorine ; ultimately,
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diphtheritic membrane has been found in the "antrum by Weichselbaum, E.
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woman friend she (patient) was having a miscarriage.
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very promising field for American newcomers, and any
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when there is severe injury of the bones, especially of the
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of these substances will be of incalculable value to the practical physician ;
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cupped. The urine now contained scarcely twenty per
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tion has already been considered in the first part of this work. In a practi-
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parently bony, surface. When laid open by the scalpel, a
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Twenty-five men were examined, and a general average gave the fol-
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The Arkansas Division board of directors is comprised
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this than an animal diet and complete restraint from vegetable
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Clure. He leaves a widow and six children, who have the pro-
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additional duties upon tbe Marine-Hospital Service.
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is also the formation of the complete bone, a true organ,
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inoculation is some indication of his degree of natural immunity."
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limpid and of the characteristic odor. The Doctor assured us, that
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ciates the value of this change. He then discusses the influence
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weeks after his chest was evacuated, he was perfectly sound,
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graphs of a severe case of rachitic curvature of tibia and fibula, from
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four hours ; cups to the back of the neck, and mus-
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acid add 1 or 2 drops of neutral ferric chlorid, when an amethyst-blue color