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matriculation fee only. The examinations are conducted in writing,,
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equivalent amount from Horace, Livy, Oioero, or Taoitus. (8) Translation
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dry, faded, and wrinkled. There is often anaemia, the number of red cor-
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Marie claims to have seen the disease come on very frequently as a consequence
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muscles attached to it be remembered, and tiieir exact situation, bsh.^
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the muscle by the nerve, and that, therefore, the complete functional inactivity
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slight or even marked goiter we find some " Basedow symptoms " without
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Physics (such as may be obtained from Balfour Stewart's '* Elements
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the remaining number from such qualified candidates as may be proposed by
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at the commencement of the disease, particularly in the shoulders. There is
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of food eaten is, on the whole, usually less important than the total quantity.
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The First examination (professional) for the Doctorate in Medicine,
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movement of the other leg. Associated movements are commonest in the mus-
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lated and shows many projections, reduplications, and the like, circumstances
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symptoms of irritation, therefore, are seen chiefly in diseases which arise in
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badly or do not sit quietly. Many cases are mild throughout, never having
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eyestrain may be associated with insufficiency of some of the external muscles
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In addition, in fresh " rheumatic " neuralgias, we should first try quinin,
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by faintness, syncope, nausea, and sometimes vomiting, with marked muscular
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Surgeons in Dublin can obtain there two anni medici out of the four
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cerebral affections, or the elevations of temperature occasionally observed after
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Edgar Sheppard, M.D. St. Andrew's, Colney Hatch. N.
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with degeneration of other neuron systems (lateral cerebellar tracts, posterior
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exciting causes above mentioned are still active in their full force to-day, and
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in these cases, we believe that the scoliosis is an expression of the abnormal
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of the new growth — that is, the gumma or the swelling of the intima. If this
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verification Inspection pf*^dfures. Two Instructors are re«9*1'^ to provide close
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walking almost wholly impossible. Frequently the paralysis involves prin-
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also embrocations with chloroform oil, a spray of chlorid of methyl, etc. If
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neighborhood of a ventricle, it may burst into the latter. Likewise, in rare