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developed (Fig. 58). In this condition the parasite may remain encysted
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care must be taken not to mistake the displacement downward of this
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of fluids is Co vitiated, as to be beyond the power of
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patient who is hoklini^ his own or improvinf^, establishes a ■work-
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book is timely, written with authority, niul cNidently intended for
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and cancer. The deep lymphatic glands may be affected in tertiary
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ination, report or certificate made or s;iven by him under the
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quite tasteless. Both are, however, much more expensive than creosote.
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regeneration is that the bare axonal processes from the proximal
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capsuled or discharged. There is, however, a strong probability that
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nuing on to the end of the foot or toe ■ becaufe by
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the individual, on account of pain, is forced to tell the story of his
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even reach the left psoas. Its variability in position is increased also by
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Military Hospitals (,'ommis-sioii for returued soldiers. It will be
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of pus. The inflammatory mass in the groin is often the size of a man's fist,
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for future use. A common method of preservation is as follows: allow
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Following Pasteur, the discovery of the specific bacteria of disease
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The term catarrhal jaundice has been applied, on the supposition that there
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the ribs round, but the belly often too large ; the croup
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bald, with sparkling blue eyes — a kind of re-incarnated Cheeryhle
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or later, it may be impossible to determine at one interview whether
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The case presented is quite typical of a group, in which we have a man of
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the central nervous system. In special places, local congestion with
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little and to be over-resonant the breath sounds are feeble, and possibly
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inclining the veflol, pour out the liquor, v/hich they fwallow
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the horfe's fl:rength begins to return ; and he direds,
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peritoneum, lying in the upper part of the abdominal cavity, and extending
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*^^in the. yard before thehoufe, within the fhelter of
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ed too, that thofe horfes are moft affected with cold
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less milk sugar, but seven times the amount of fat, may be allowed to all
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phatic glands and of the spleen. It occurs nearly always before the second
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Amphistomum hominis has been found in India inhabiting the caecum,
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and included here are "colds", septic conditions of the teeth and
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What would feem to coirfirmthis conjecture is, that the internal
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Urinary symptoms — There are no special urinary symptoms unless
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could be v/ifhed for : fine fluds were eftablifhed in
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and graduated exercise, at first of a pafssive nature, such as massage, and