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crasia will have a profound influence in preventing

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appearance. The peritoneum of the broad ligament is par-

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operated on a patient although the child had passed from

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by culture. He thought gonococcus was very difficult to

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when she was suffering from an abscess in the breast

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April 19th to June 7th. The swelhng of the wrist became

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tions have been allowed subtly to multiply and fasten

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tion of his education. The child of one level learns

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unwise for several reasons. Firstly, in this proce-

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another, although in several cases all the lesions to be

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expense of the two forms of joint appears to be nearly identical, for

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be found in the relation of sanitary science, public hygiene, to the

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vey the light to the reflector. The end of the cylinder, to which

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to stress and strain. It is not a question of the in-

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paste of cinnabar and water, and plunged several times into the lip,

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How far the favorable result in this case is attributable to the

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Jacobson (5). From anatomical considerations it will be

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tion to the irrigntions as soon^s the period of pain

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of loosening such hard material as cannot be removed

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and disappears, and scarcely a trace remains to show

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still nnder treatment. Besides the treatment by vaccine

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a day or more, is taken out and seems to be in excellent

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this syndrome the cardiac hypertrophy and the polyuria

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ectrotic plaster fell off in some places to-day, and was not reapplied^

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ease seems to be contagious. Some of these diseases

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lus is applied in the middle line, as to the genitals.

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Enemas, or clysters, are injections of warm water into

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been due to some serious condition within his foot.

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That the sun is constituted of matter similar to Ihat which we

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child continued to cough up thin pus throughout the

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administering, two hours before operation, two to four

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would probably have been better had it been possible

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Eclectic Department, (which is a chief feature of the Journal,)