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PROGNOSIS. The attacks of primary arthritic gout are usually free

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The course of epilepsy is essentially chronic, with in most cases a final

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which is characterized by an incessant movement of the fingers and toes,

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* The changes in the recurrence of the paroxysm and in the paroxysm itself in

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food ; neither sugar, starch, nor food containing them is to be allowed.

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The prodromes of foudroyant cerebral syphilis are worthy of the most

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same side as the occlusion. The tongue, palate, and larynx are affected,

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a less extent of the albuminous constituents, of the food. Such trans-

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is sometimes felt, and fever is absent. Single muscles or groups of muscles

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have been recommended by some, not only with a viiĀ»w to their re^

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drawn on during the flowing of the fluid. After the operation the punc-

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foot. If, however, this test fail, sudden turning or the attempt to walk a

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against ; mercurials are occasionally of advantage ; salines should be

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liability to relapses and recurrences has already been mentioned.

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During resolution they are thick and yellow, muco-purulent in character.

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spiral movements with the whole hand so folded as to adapt its palm to

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tant points in the diagnosis are the temperature and the absence of evi-

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is no indican in the urine, since the bowel contains no putrefactive

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which the intensest pulmonary engorgement exists represent those which

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The primary lesion of the disease is a slow wasting of the ganglionic

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though not certainly, being different from that which is met with in

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alternatives. According to the experience of most physicians in large

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paralysis of the facial muscles on the same side as the wound, with tris-

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by the Use of Calabar Bean. Bv P. D. Kbyseb, M, D., Surgeon