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half this amount, there rapidly supervened an intense, acute coryza, swelling

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thor. Philadelphia and London : W. B. Saunders Com-

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ney. On the left side the catheter met with an obstruc-

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fibres. Scattered through the tumor among the fibrous

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lation of the vagi, believed to be centric, and was prevented by previous

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itic, the bichloride solutions may be used ; i to 200

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There are also few or many small cells having the characteristics of

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Euro])c are defective in stature, even to the degree

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heard, with the auricular systole, a harsh murmur shading into the

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after stopping the amesthetic the temperature was 99°.

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lircsent hospital structure is an imperative necessity. Ihe

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everything is for all diseases, as himself is of all

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xAUan increases the amount of the solution of potas-

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DuHiGG, J. T., Assistant Surgeon. Ordered to the naval

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respiration, 18. Operation performed three days after ad-

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rubber tube drain carried to the head of the caecum and a

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heredity plays no part in its production ; and that Armauer Hansen

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post-mortem table. The fact, moreover, that the disease promptly yields

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Original Illustrations. Chicago : Published by the Au-

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disease successfully unless he possesses some knowledge of its general

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On February 6th chloroform was administered again, and the orifice

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spontaneously or ma\' be brought about by an injec-

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bed. Then, too, the mother and all the rest of the rela-

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worked near the horses were those who were most severely infected. In a

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twenty-third year. It was less frequently found in males after the

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will render great assistance in the clinical diagnosis of cholera and

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dren. — According to Allan, in a paper contributed

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days. Those operated upon by the ordinary oblique incision, where the

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gested, free hydrochloric acid, 21, combined hydrochloric

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1. The Influence of the Use of the .\utoniobile upon the

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must be at once repeated, because only an ''existing

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