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Sibree, H. C, acting assistant surgeon. Granted leave of
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tenderness. One day before perforation there was consid-
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committee, it did not seem worth while for me to take
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tive cases, four were already dead when discovered,
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seated under the right lobe of the liver, a sensitive
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the size of an orange and of au irregular lobulated
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diphtheria and tetanus, and is comparatively simple.
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g()V(>i'nments have doiu' what they could to for-
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"Allen. Amer. Journ. of the Med. Sci., 1903, vol. cxxv, p. 96.
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eurreni was applied for .')0 seconds, .and the diverticulum
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Fluctualinft more or less during the decade, it reached .52,003 in
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death, when an increased restlessness was noted. On
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volume of 350 pages the essentials of clinical micro-
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be robbed by lawyers. Recapitulation, recrimination
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the time toward the center of the incision, and oblit-
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in to close the peritoneal pocket as soon as it was
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of the gastro-enteric tract the absorptive power is
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able proportion, particularly of first attacks, will
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In the first case there was traumatic paresis of the
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if not, it may be followed by a carefully graduated
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train at Los Angeles at 8.30 a.m., and reaches Hemet
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ous, the chief one being that the specialist in such a
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sels and New York as well as Boston. Perhaps there is
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without exceptions, that in pancreatic disease there
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Experience in other places has shown that nmch good
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the institution where he makes them ; perhaps, also,
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in the past considered as sprains, which have shown
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[iresent ; appendicitis, in which vomiting and fever
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attention be paid to a certain combination of symp-
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brings our cases more nearly into line with the con-
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of absence for one month from Aug. 13, 1903, on account of
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hemorrhage — in 85 out of 1)9 iiiuiompiicated cases
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fascia lata cut, the limb could easily be lengthened
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done or a benefit conferred upon a smaller or larger
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verifying the possibility of conclusions thus reached
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be better for our hospitals to have the nurse stay for a
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be possibly avoided, of the absurd, irrational and most
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toxic, at least in the doses in which it would ordi-
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Dermatology. Report 'on, 73; Roentgen Kays in dermatology, 321;
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the heart, but also the use of such means as we may
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ings during the year, the contributions to the Branch
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attacks are sharp pain across abdomen, later becoming
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di.sease by renal decapsulation, Guiteras, R., 520.