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the kidney of the same animal as Fig. 3. It shows at ^ a glomerulus in an early
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V., during the siege of Metz. In 1556 the notorious 'Morbus
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but try to persuade him into it and the chances are nine to one that
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interest and entertain. Let the matter rest no longer in the lap
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allowed to lick up excrement. This criticism of Christo-
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We do better than that in New York, for we not only
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1 a paper read before the Brooklyn Surgical Society, June ai,
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themselves are somewhat incomplete. The available data show twelve
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by one of the counsel — Judge Lewis — which consisted
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tion, on the antagonism of certain medicines, and the following are the results
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1 Report of the Poor Law Commission, 190?, Q. 9J. r .::4, pal ;
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pain of a new idea ; it is, as common people say, 4 so upsetting' ; it
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this semisaturation precipitates the globulins and should be permitted to
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himself in his " Treatise on* Neurotic Diseases of the
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margin was sutured along the upper tarsal border to the
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tion.' * * * * Though unable to answer for the assertions of other ob-
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once, or as soon as possible after the expulsion of the foetus.
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the febrile symptoms have been carefully watched from
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range high, not often being over 104°, though sometimes it has been
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