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the right side, and quite to it on the left; latterly and superiorly, it encroached
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The whole right side was dull, though not absolutely at
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mote the interests of health. If generally heeded, it would put
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nected between bands of fibrinous tissue which are formed on
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influenza. It progressed very slowly, and there never were any very definite
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thrombotic softening, dependent on obliteration of some of the branches
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system, either rationing by queing patients or by conscious decision to not,
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much longer than the infectivity. As re- were reduced in size and some shrunken,
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employment ; on the contrary, experience shows that the
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the upper part of the larynx may appear normal, but swollen
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palpation we can make out the characteristic tumor in the hypochondriac
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Dr. T. Gillman Moorhead described a typical case of tabes
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brings on a fit of rheumatism. In this way these poor sufferers
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TlTpanosoma equiperdum. — ^This trypanosome causes a disease of horses in
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treated extra peritoneum, and a 50 per cent, solution
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group has been found in peptones, and the symptoms induced by
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with much substantial reward, you will yet have the satisfaction of feeling that
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patient The swelling may be confined to the superlicial or deep por-
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Heat-exhaustion brought on by exposure to the sun is called sunstroke,
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=.=. of dried myrrh powdered, an acetabulum ; then in the bath they sprinkle bean-
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and returns to its previous condition during the relaxation of
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night, no pain whatever ; took Mellin's food and milk ; wound dressed.
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division of the children into those then living and dead was not
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formed then readily diffuses from the blood to the urine, and imparts its
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do I. The evident metamorpho.sis which the latter foramen
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jets as a poison m a small dose ; but in a medico-legal view, whether a man
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number of n-corded births in the State was 10,803 — males, 5,503 ; fe-
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against hazardous occupations requiring complete mental