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competent authority, stating the candidate's collegiate or school studies

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to observeaetual Inspection jHrocecfeires. Im Instructors are required to

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Treatment: Symptomatic; sinapisms, narcotics, expectorants, and inhalations

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of a pin (the prick reflex), or stroking the skin hard with a blunt object,

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thoroughly practical knowledge of these methods of exploration. Swrgery

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of preparations of calcium — liquor calcis, calcii carbonas, or even egg shells — -

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t r.'^n. L^J^^ * ^<5n car6tene co^tene content Is nwre creamy

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Fig. 168, page 368). The great ganglion cells of the motor portion of the

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the armed forces roust be Inspected and approved by members, of thi mllftary veterinary

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prem:>es, -and occasionally to exposure to infected people, . H»ii^ineiea

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foetida, valerian, and castoreum are the most famous ; but probably few would

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Pathology, Clinical Medicine, Clinical Surgery and Practice of

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injuries of the dorsal cord, as it seems, great lowering of temperature, down

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pain we must be careful to prick deep enough (penetrating the epidermis),

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processes of dentistry, but that combination of art with mechanisn^

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sary to test at first only by brief pricks. We then find, as a rule, that such

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a member is eligible to compete for all its prizes and distinctions, save

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quently excesses in these directions are the result of neurotic tendencies already

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mltltary {wrsomtal. I^te (toss and eats taiderso obllatoral ovar1(rit¥Sttree^a^,

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pharmacy, &c., and in his leisure hours should read medicine and

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the " higher classes/' Neurasthenic conditions occur very frequently in the

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reject food that is too salt or too hot. He can take objects awkwardly in his

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4. Students in Arts who have kept twelve terms at Oxford, and

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distinct, and especially that the white matter is of a reddish-gray color, and

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{c) The chalazae allow the yolk to turn so as to keep the germinal disc upper

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good chemist will furnish a collection of the chief preparations, in

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instructs in farriery, and has entire charge of the forge.

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4. Distinguish betMaen "for^d Issue" and^"forced si^stltutlon."

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metasilicate, trisodium phosphate, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, sodium tfexametaphosphate.