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found that complete hypophysectomy in cats produced no notable effects.
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Order I. Diseases of the Brain and General Nervous System.
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has very definite attachments to the subpubic ligament
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to all the meridians and in addition in the vertical meridian
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tion in the size of the liver. The spleen sometimes increases in size.
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tions of influenza. Kuskow collected the literature and found only
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was formerly frequently confused with anthrax in man.
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tions and experiments from time to time. He studied the sub
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The mitral valve was thicker than normal and showed
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is completely covered by the sternum but when enlarged it extends
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a preservative. Smaller quantities of drugs are diffi
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months after the onset of poliomyelitic paralysis affecting both legs.
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torated. In this or in evacuated pus hooklets or bits of cyst membrane
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