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strated by an X ray picture. At times an arthritis following injury
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should certainly be read in connexion with this subject. He
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of the central artery and vein. The region of the macula lutea
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spection on either side of the Atlantic wiU ever accomplish the
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bution of Gobley lay in his discovery that glycerophosphoric acid
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I am not saying this on account of any friendship I have
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asked whether the bursse in Mr. Silcock s cases communicated
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Transactions of the American Microscopical Society. Vol.
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made the diagnosis of hysteria and it was impressed upon
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eration and malignant disease. Deep lacerations of the
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The floor space therefore should be not less than one twelfth of
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is not prolonged by leaving in the bulk of the sclerotic.
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attacks with a distended atonic condition of the alimentary canal. It has
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tional disturbances and the short course to complete blindness.
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monary circulation is interfered with as in Bright s
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is an extremely well marked example of the vesicular mole hydatidi
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very little medication is required other than the hygienic measures
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says hygienic laws should be enforced and the necessity of
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but unfortunately for the operator complications are frequently
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