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those in which the heart muscle by hypertrophy is still able to com-
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by infected drinking-water, he leaves himself open to the suspicion
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glands beneath the angle of the jaw swollen, and the throat very
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similar climatic conditions, can be compared most favorably with those
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relief. They may be made into cigarettes by being soaked in a salt-
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and cyrtophoric progression, a peristrophic or turbinal or rotative
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resorts are Badenweiler, Gastein, Johannisbad, Krapina-Toplitz (Croa-
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individuals have an intolerance for milk. Others have to take it at first
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those situations. With this thought in mind, cultures were taken
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were looked on as accidental contaminations from the skin or air.
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country. He was, not long ago, a diligent student in several of
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injection rendered the animals less resistant to the reinfection, for while all developed
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in the tick, so that the results cannot be considered conclusive.
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If ten tubes are to be inoculated, only a few seconds will remain
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' " For ordinary," says Schroeder, op. cit. s. 103, " the parietal bone lying pos-
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fresh and powerful cobra, at 3.18 P.M.; again at 3.19; a third
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sized dog's thigh, at 3.3 p.m. The tube of the hypodermic syringe
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proper regard to the patient's relish of the same.]
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It is a soluble digitoxin in the form of an aqueous solution in 25%
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only from the fatiguing position. An elastic catheter was put in the
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Chiene, as qualifying for graduation in the University ; and have
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with sufficient comforts for delicate invalids. Very marked diurnal
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for their dimensions. These data consist of the extent of air space
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Figs. 69-72. — Trypanosome-like forms from the digestive tract of the same
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Baura, "Zweite Mittheilung: Ein physikalisch-chemischer Beitrag zur Theorie der Narcotica," ibid.,
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tacks sometimes come on ; and in reference to this makes the ad-
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reasons, to the germs of microzoa in the air, and the part he has