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ferentiation betv.een functional and organic disease. The'
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with reference to its treatment by tapoing the subarachnoid
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tion with an actuary, who would put it ui on a proi er basis,
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years, and accordingly the choice is more limited. In this
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Of hospitals which were not the direct ofi'shoots of monas-
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Office from the log of a clipper courteously placed at my dis-
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vestigation, exact references to the passages adduced in the
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istic symptoms — pain and hjematemesis — the pain may
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so far advanced towards completion that it is expected the
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It would lead us too far to illustrate this with examples
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and liver ; the intestine and particularly the serous cover-
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admisi^ion was granted upun certificates which were afterwards found to
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and also the letter, if any, received from Mr. Payne.
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the raw surface of a large fleshy pedicle with the peritoneal
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various parts of Germany in favour of throwing the medical
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1. Experiments of intraperitoneal injection were made with
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Joseph C. Wood, Surgeon to the ir/M/irf, additional, for temporary ser-
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there were no apparent symptoms of phthisis previously.
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<-'ASB I. fhronir, (Jasiric Vletr jor £ipfit€en Montiis : Acute PeTitoniiu:
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under similar restrictions. -Sir E. Grey, replying on behalf of Mr. G.
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INIarch 22nd, under the chairmansliip of Sir James Paget, in
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1892, under the greatest pressure. In a well-ventilated and
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extremity resting on the retina embedded in lymph. The
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The infant is still living but is much emaciated and reduced;
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makers of the bullet forceps referred to in the foregoing
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appears to think that the best class from which a practicable
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gut by the wall of tlie incision. It was, therefore, difficult to
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saeulation of the cells of the second layer of the cerebral
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Hysterical symptoms, with great restlessness, set in. There