Sporanox Versus Lamisil

fare of 3Ianf:ind. By Amariah Brigham, M. D. Boston, 1835. Duo. pp. 331.


1 Barringer, T. B. The Prognosis of Albuminuria with or without Casts, Arch, of

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sequent to the fall of fever, arose in 25 per cent.

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herent to the bladder, except by the intervention of a layer of lymph,

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"The venal trunks in the concave part of the spleen, when slit open, are found

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case: the first went off within three quarters of an hour, and was succeeded

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tention of the bowel, since last date, has been perfect.. Considerable irritation of

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The persistence of a considerable amount of indican also seems

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Mr. Hind; some of which require very careful dissection and study, and cannot

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most warmth, were MM. Velpeau, Sanson, Soureubielle, and

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ciation 1 and elsewhere, 2 fully and repeatedly described the physical

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lysis has happened several times during the lifetime of the patient, a number of

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ployed with advantage, especially where the lids were affected.

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Considerations of this sort should appeal preeminently to

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actic shock in the blood stream, or whether it is due to the libera-

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for a considerable time, certainly more tlian a month. It is also necessary for

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the overlying tissues. The soft parts of the dorsum of the hand and wrist

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the operation; however, the exhausting pump was tried as a last resource. Im-

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typhoid phenomena: but that they are capable of being excited at least

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founded on a study of the pathological anatomy of the condition,

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ed by a serous fluid to a very considerable extent, while in other cases the tissue

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deaths from this disease, on an average of all the posts, is only 8 in every

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side of the frontal bone, which would admit the point of the finger; at the

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to the disease, of which no official returns were made. It is a singular fact

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body for the accomplishment of this object needless.

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to make further substantiation unnecessary. But I am quite sure

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Edinburgh edition. Revised, with numerous notes. Philada. 1841: Lea & Blanchard.

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the lungs and is most often infected; when infected material escapes from

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the eyes participated in the general improvement. The means em-

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this case as altogether hopeless, M. Wagner only applied a cataplasm of new-

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sent a very early stage of a local streptococcus infection with systemic mani-

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mined to send him up by easy stages to Dublin, and procure him admission at

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logical conditions. It is commonly increased in infectious diseases,

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osteosarcoma of the lung in which nearly five years had elapsed