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Most probably the cocaine solution, thrown directiv in
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of three or four, he be quietly put to sleep and the anaes-
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person in the working area, and the treatment until
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history of syphilis is found in nearly all ataxics, has in-
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the line will be merely lengthened, and show two dots, but if either of these
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by pain and swelling, while the pustules often resemble " bright drops of
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many observations of camps and with a knowledge of the economic
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often in cases of acute sero-fibriuous pleurisj', coming
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the bladder. When the bladder is open and the patient in
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Kircher 's time did not jjermit of a more definite descri^jtion of the
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ing produced very painful spasms in the tliroat and neck. These
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too, we see the unmistakable tendency to follow certain organic
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Every physician will be charmed with its plain and simple directness of state-
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These are the chief points which, taken in connexion
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stenotic symptoms become gradualh' worse and lead finally to death
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Arthritis of Early Infancy. — The knee or the hip is usually affected. The
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breaking off the inner condyle of the femur, and passing out underneath the
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it was finally decided to resort to the iodoform gauze
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which she had been suffering from for some days prior to admission ; and
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lished cases where slight changes were found in the spinal motor cells.
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parts somewhat congested. The pericardium was generally
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For further information, write to: Annual Meeting Committee, Wisconsin Anti-Tuberculosis
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tiplication and dissemination of them have no immediate de-
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Dr. Ellis showed the lower end of the femur. A large, conical,
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tions, or for the alleviation of menstrual derangements, is against the
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as in any sense representative of the profession in Man-
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is destruction of the neuron, even including its cell-body ; but according to
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Urine. The amount varied from 500 to 1200 c.c; specific gravity, 1010;