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action on the part of the antigen and need not be repeated with each series. The

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which, if accepted by the physician, appears to me to be such as

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strength. This factor we denote by the concentration exponent,

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If the patient is threatened with coughing, cracked ice may advan-


was usually well advanced within 24 hours, thus giving a prompt

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seem that the anaphylaxis reaction, as it is usually observed, has

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condition to be a factor either in nutrition or inflammation ; from

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say nothing of the fact that it may have a detrimental effect from the

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The patient is frequently tortured by a cough which has its origin

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of other species, indigenous in widely separated areas, might also

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feces, they may be attacked with the secondary symptoms which

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found completely hemolyzed, whereas the one containing the smallest quantity will

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mended by many authors, especially by the French. They maintain that

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amounts of concentrated alcohol, 100-150 G. (3-5 oz.) of whiskey, brandy

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structions which often took phvce during labour might be explained.

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and strontium perborate, will act in an acid medium and liberate their

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mann and Wittgenstein tend to show. There is, however, as

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scrotal sac — points which may be difficult to feel in small animals.

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Climate. — Unless the pleurisy is undoubtedly due to rheumatism,

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a, The opening into the peritoneal sac on the right side.

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For raising the blood pressure adrenalin has been recommended as