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becoming gradually more abundant and opaque. (6.) Stitch-pains at the
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such cases, the immediate cause of death is either the prolonged compres-
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" Diffusible stimulant and tonic in anaemia, nervous
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etc. The retention in the blood of excrementitious principles, doubtless,
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due to obstruction, is usually a symptom of disease of the heart ; occur-
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cretion be effected, as generally supposed, by the hepatic cells, or, as con-
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of the crural veins, is to be suspected, an event which is liable to occur
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added to a laxative, is thought by many to render the operation of the
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few in which patients were for many years rendered unhappy and deterred
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tality. This disease prevailed throughout the year. Deaths
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casion out of the body, resulting in the production of acetic acid.
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the public, physicians will kindly be particular to insist on
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situations from which the liquids cannot escape, viz., within serous cavities
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The obstruction ija the bowels was found to arise from a large
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cogent arguments furnished in favor of a modification of the
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sents a morbid condition as much as the delusions of insanity. Reason
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fli and Aromatics. Each fluid drachm also contains five grains
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blood, and producing, together with the eruption, the various
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fact that many hold to the doctrine which attributes the propagation of
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