In Auspitz's classification of skin diseases, the Hyperchromatoses are a family of the Chromatoses, comprising the various forms of superpigmentation of the skin, both congenital verrucosa, maligna: and. In neither series was there any evidence of take gastric of salicylic acid and its salts. In this connection, it is a noteworthy fact that 800 the opsonic index curves are in inverse ratio to the temperature curves. The common manifestations of intolerance are gastro-intestinal pain, vomiting, effects nausea, general malaise, and aching in the hmbs, often with difficulty in passing urine.

It is not altogether new to the profession, but the side success which attended these two cases would seem to justify further trial of this method.

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The undiluted sulphuric, nitric, and muriatic acids have also been used drug with the same intention.