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modified. Amongst salty foods, gravies and meat soups are high
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number of cases occurring, they are proportionately rarer in the tropical
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mation may thus gradually build up an enormous swelling. In conse-
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This condition is common enough in children of all ages, but is more
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Occasionally a person is "too tired to sleep" and in such a light
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sible. With the assistance of Collip an extract was prepared
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Reprinted from the University of Toronto Medical Journal
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to a variable extent. An extreme degree of this matting is sometimes
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testines and the tumour allowed to lie free for a few moments.
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by the figns : A great deal of faliva flows
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a specific microbe. Public health, through our knowledge of bacteria,
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andthetail; andthe litdehair thatremainsin thofe parts
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or blood serum ; and, lastly, the successful reaction to therapeutic remedies.
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partly of epithelial scales and partly of micro-organisms. When a furred
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electro-coagulation tried. These methods have tended to replace other
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of an abscess can usually be recognised at an early period, in cases that
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mass, which is very characteristic of perityphlitis, is usually composed of
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Antimony^ and efpccially the liver ot it, an excellent alterative,
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elsewhere ; the next most frequent seat is probably the pancreas, but it has
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escape notice. It is possible for a patient to go through life with such an
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Reichmann carried out a series of experiments with gelatine covered
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and can be compressed with the pressure of a finger. This atrophy of
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operation is more urgently indicated, when chronic glaucoma is diagnosed
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and resistance or pain on attempted flexion of these parts. There
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two different fpecies of animals : but others fay po-
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and often the pyrexia is accompanied by a rigor. This shivering and
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glands are frequent also in the mesenteric, and are often associated with
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by means of a soft oesophageal tube. When there is trouble with fluids,
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the stools. The stomach contents show the characteristics as those of
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to prevent the inflammation it may caufe, by bleed-
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catarrhs — so common a sequela of malaria — there is nothing more effica-
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recover mostly discharge through the lung. Even when the abscess is